Keith Davis' Book

Our friend and fellow Unity member Keith Davis was lost at sea in September, 2015.  Keith was an author and editor of this book.  He fellow observers finished the book after Keith's mysterious disappearance and dedicated it to him.  All proceeds benefit the Association of Professional Observers, of which Keith was a member.

About the book:  

“You’re a what?”... That’s the type of response fisheries observers generally get when they tell people what they do for a living. These unsung heroes of natural resource management - operating as they do on the fringes of society, often far out on the open sea for months on end - are a little known professional group of people from the public perspective. This is precisely why, several years ago, the "Eyes on the Seas" book project was conceived. A group of like-minded professionals working in the fisheries management field had the visionary idea of bringing the profession more into the public gaze, via a creative initiative intended to showcase the lives of these extraordinary people.

Woven together in eight chapters encompassing a wide range of topics from the "Duties and Roles" of a fisheries observer to "Sea Level Conservation" to "An Extraordinary Lifestyle", "Eyes on the Seas" is a collection of stories (true or otherwise), anecdotes, poetry, artwork and other creative works from 53 contributors around the world, which encapsulate the life of a fisheries observer. This collection is all-at-once funny, thought-provoking, surprising, shocking, at times deeply beautiful and unforgivingly poignant. What emerges from diving into this book is a rare and privileged glimpse into the hearts and minds of a group of the most unusual and highly motivated people.

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