Youth Ministry

Kidz Church

Every Sunday morning the Youth Ministry Team consisting of Rev. Jill Campbell and Kathy provide a fun, age-appropriate experience for youth from infancy through teens. Our curriculum entitled "All Together Now" is unique in that it is a multi-age program designed for the one-room Sunday School. It is a caring environment where children are not separated from their siblings and all the children learn to relate to children of all ages.

Gratitude, love, and joy are common themes for the lessons based on Bible stories and Unity Principles, and it opens all of our hearts to hear the comments and questions from these little ones as they participate in discussions. 

Our art and craft activities are in keeping with the theme of the lesson and reinforce it. During this time the children have the opportunity to practice caring and sharing, and the teachers have the pure joy of hearing their responses as they work on their creations.

We welcome the children as they join the adult congregation in the closing prayer and song each Sunday. The youth share what they learned in class, and the adults share the joy of learning "from the mouths of babes."  Bring your children to Unity of the White Mountains Kidz Church and share the lessons of Unity with the whole family!

Bring the kids!