Leaving a Legacy

Leaving a Legacy

We are so blessed to own our beautiful building and property. Over the years, the building has been the place where we meet, listen to inspiring talks, learn from attending a variety of workshops, and grow from group meetings. But most of all, we have built long lasting and healthy relationships. This is possible because of your generosity. We not only survived a pandemic, but thrived. Your ongoing affirmation of abundance, service, and generous giving has blessed our spiritual community, the White Mountains, and the world. We are very thankful for your support.

And, if you are on this page, you may be looking for some other way of supporting our church now and in the future. Here are some suggestions:


By including Unity of the White Mountains in your will, you help to ensure we continue our mission of ’transforming together for many years to come. It also is a charitable tax deduction. Here is an example of the wording you can add to your will: “I, [name], of [city, state, Zip], give, devise and bequeath to Unity of the White Mountains, Arizona, (EIN# 86-0849565) whose location on the date of this will is 257 Woodland Dr., Lakeside, Arizona 85901, [written amount or percentage of the estate or description of property] to be used for general purposes (or specific purposes).”

IRA or Pension Plan

Consider giving from your IRA or Pension fund by naming Unity of the White Mountains as a beneficiary.

Life Insurance

You may designate Unity of the White Mountains as a beneficiary on a new or existing life insurance policy.

Charitable Remainder Trust

Another option is to create a trust with assets managed by a trustee. You or other named income beneficiaries receive income from the trust until it is dissolved, with the remainder of the assets being distributed to Unity of the White Mountains. 

Charitable Lead Trust

You can also create a trust in which Unity of the White Mountains become the recipient of a stream of income for a certain number of years or life.


Give Unity of the White Mountains a monetary gift in honor of your loved one to honor their life and to support our mission.

We greatly appreciate your consideration of supporting our community in the present and in the future. For legal or tax advice, please consult an attorney or financial advisor. For more information, call our office at 928-368-5002.