Classes, Workshops & Small Groups

Unity of the White Mountains offers classes, workshops, and small groups to delve deeper into spiritual topics and to share community fellowship.  Small groups are usually formed by 4 to 8 people who are interested in the same topic or activity.  They can meet at our church or at home or outside in nature.  Membership is not required to attend. Zoom is utilized whenever possible. 

If you want to form a small group and invite others to join, ask Rev. Sheryl to make an announcement during Sunday Service and to have it published in the newsletter.

Starting in 2020, several members are meeting at the church to sew and sell masks as a fundraiser and to grow friendship and community. In 2022 this group is now working on various crafts to sell.

Thursday 10am to 11:30am is an on-going book study group. Contact Barb Davis (or for more information. Beginning June 23, 2022 the group is switching from "A Course of Love" to "The Way of Mastery" by Shanti Christo Foundation. This is thought to be a follow-up of A Course in Miracles and A Course of Love, however, they are not prerequisites to join this class.  Everyone is welcome at any time, in person or on zoom.

In the past there has been "A Course in Miracles" book study group on Thursdays at noon, but this group is not currently meeting.

Meditation Classes began in April 2021 as well as various outdoor activities such as hiking and kayaking.

Luna Tunes Talent Night is 6:30-8:30pm on the exact date of the full moon from May thru October.  Contact Linda Hoy for more information.