Luna Tunes Café

The Luna Tunes Café (aka Luna Tunes Talent Night) is a monthly celebration through music, poetry, dance and other creative media from 6:30 PM to 8 PM on the exact date of the full moon April thru October.

What could be better than spending time with friends for a snack and an evening of fun and entertainment? The answer is enjoying the camaraderie with the guiding light of the FULL MOON!

Part of the lure of Luna Tunes night is you never know what your going to get. We've had great story tellers, small skits, poems and of course a line of musical talent. Attendance is growing and we invite you to come join the fun with us. Mark your calendars, just gather some of your friends and follow the moon beam right to our door! Coffee and desserts are served. There is no charge but love offerings are gratefully accepted.

For the exact dates, check our Unity calendar. No experience necessary. Sound equipment provided. Everyone is welcome! Invite friends and family! For more information call Linda Hoy at 650-704-1087 or email: