Prayer Chaplains

Charles and Cora Fillmore tell us, “Prayer is man's steady effort to know God”.  Our prayer team is in place to support and guide members of our congregation, and those that they wish to include, in our work toward seeking and knowing a closer relationship to God.

Our prayer team has been trained in the form of Unity prayers.  We pray for a person or situation for one month here as soon as we get the request for prayer.  Then that prayer request is sent to Silent Unity where that request is prayed upon for an additional 30 days.

We on the prayer team know and affirm that through our prayer work, we can build a strong, healthy, faith growing congregation dedicated to the Principles of Unity and that we can spread the values of Unity to our community and to the world beyond.

What you share with your prayer chaplin is held in sacred and respected confidentiality.

So we invite you to either seek a prayer chaplin to serve your prayer needs or I will be approaching you to see if we may assign a chaplin to you to fulfull your prayer needs.

I am Linda Hoy, Prayer Chaplin Coordinator. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions concerning our program, our training or any aspect of our work.

Thank you.

In Loving Care,

Linda Hoy