Spirit is a powerful word, a word that has many different meanings.  To me, it expresses God because God is everything.  And if it's all God, then there is a vastness that can’t be put into words.   I think it's more of a feeling from the heart.  Without words is a depth that most of us choose not to live in since we have all our fancy gadgets to keep us from using our hearts.  The more we connect to our hearts, the more we realize that our connection to Spirit lives inside of ourselves.  Just like Jesus said: God will know us by our hearts.

The White Mountains is a special place where sacredness and Spirit live full time with all of mountain's wonderful beauty and views.  Beyond the views is the mystery of the tall pyramids of mountains that God has built up from sea level for us to live on and explore.  A set of mountains that God has prepared as a special altar to give thanks for the presence of Spirit.  For this reason I feel that Jesus would go up onto the mountain to pray.

I invite you to do the same thing.  Come onto the mountain to pray.  Feel yourself become one with God.  An understanding of love in which you know you are at the right place at the right time, a feeling of coming home.  If you were to visit our spiritual home, you would feel this love that comes from the heart.  A feeling of love that connects the dots to everything, does this mountain call upon you?

Many thanks to Chris Lewis, former Board Vice President & President and long-time Unity member, for contributing his thoughts about Spirit.