Rev. Sheryl 2023Senior Minister, Rev. Sheryl Padgett, DDiv

Every day I give thanks for being part of such an accepting and loving spiritual family. I became minister of Unity of the White Mountains in September of 2015. After ordination in 1997, I served at Unity of Appleton, WI for five years and then at Unity of Augusta, Ga for thirteen years. Before ministry, I worked as an engineer for Atlas Launch Vehicles at Vandenberg Air Force base.

I seek to combine my love of science with spirituality. Charles Fillmore, our co-founder wrote,

 “Instead of fighting modern science the new Christianity welcomes its discoveries as proofs of the veritable existence of the kingdom of the heavens that Jesus taught so persistently. Instead of a heaven after death the new Christianity teaches a kingdom of the heavens existing now as a righteous state of mind.  It teaches that man makes his heaven here and now by the formative power of this thought.”

Though the language in that quote is dated, the crux of this statement is that it is all one. In my Sunday talks, I combine current understanding of different areas of science with our spiritual teachings. This method results in practices that apply to our current times. I use a combination of teachings from different belief systems to illustrate the transformation process that is available to all. 

I invite you to join us as we learn, grow, and transform together!

Rev. Sheryl Padgett, DDiv

Minister, Unity of the White Mountains