Joining a Sunday Service for the First Time Using Your Computer:

1. Click on the link you received in your email, inviting you to join the meeting or Sunday Service. The link follows the words "Join Zoom Meeting." 

2. The screen will change. The content of the message will vary, depending on the computer or device you are using. You may see some blue text on the screen telling you to download Zoom or it may download automatically.  If you see this, click on the blue text. Wait for the download.

NOTE: If you see a message inviting you to create an account with Zoom, ignore that. 

3. Once Zoom is downloaded, look for a "file name" starting with the word Zoom and ending in exe. This should be somewhere on the screen. Click on that file name.

4. If a dialog box asks you if you want to allow changes to your computer, click Yes and if you see Run, click on that.

5. Your computer will immediately begin installing the Zoom software. You may see "Your meeting will begin soon."

6. If you are prompted to enter your name, enter a name you want others to see you as. After you do that, click on "Join Meeting."

7. When you see “Please wait, the meeting host will let you in soon" wait for the host to admit you to the meeting. After a moment, a live video will appear on the screen and you will see the host. You are in!

8If you see "Call using Internet audio" or "Join with Audio" click on that. You will be muted until later, when the host unmutes everyone. Please don't unmute yourself, as this will disrupt the meeting

9. If you wish to adjust the speaker volume, click on the arrow by "Unmute" in the corner of your screen and click on Audio Settings. Here you can move the "Speaker" volume "slider to change the volume level.  

10. If you wish to send a message to the host or others, click on Chat. This may be hidden behind the 3 dots in the upper or lower corner of your screen.