The Divine Matrix (Zoom)

Barb Davis to begin a new book study on The Divine Matrix, 
by Gregg Braden, on February 16, 2023 10-11:30am. Zoom only thru February.*

The group takes turns reading aloud and stops at various times for lively discussion.

“The Divine Matrix brings forward the discoveries and controversies surrounding a great universal field of energy that may be the matrix of all matter and influencer of everything that happens. From manifestation to quantum theory, we see that matter, form, and consciousness have always been connected since the moment of the big bang. Our ancient ancestors tried to describe this groundbreaking field and its phenomena, yet modern science is just making breakthroughs on how the language of the Divine Matrix works. Gregg Braden connects science and spirituality to reveal a new understanding of our interactive world.”

*After February, please verify with Barb whether she will be at the church or only on Zoom. You will also find the meeting information and Zoom links in the weekly emailed newsletters. 

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