Board of Trustees for 2017-2018

  • Rev Sheryl Padgett, Senior Minister 
  • Vina Creager-Hilton, President
  • Julia Edens, Vice President
  • Diane Whipple, Treasurer
  • Sheryl Eaton, Secretary
  • Bill Crull, Member at Large
  • Myrna Eshelman, Member at Large
  • Janelle Stauffer, Alternate
  • Missa Foy-Jentoft, Alternate

If you are interested in serving on our Board of Trustees in the future, please click here.

About our 2017-2018 board members:

Vina Creager-Hilton:  I was born and raised in the panhandle of Texas.  Left Texas when I was 21. Later I lived in East Texas for a while but soon headed for New Orleans, where my sister had lived since I was 10.  An opportunity opened up in Tucson, AZ and off I went.  I had a great career with the Bell System and Communication Workers of America for 31 years.
I and my husband Don retired to the White Mountains.  I lived a very quiet life, not really knowing anyone. I moved my mother here and she stayed in the nursing home behind Summit Hospital. After a few years I began working there as their Social Services Assignee.  

I had studied A Course In Miracles for many years but never studied with others. One day a friend told me about the Unity discussion group for the Course. I ventured out and immediately found lovely friends, who let me be myself.  Well the group was very active in Unity and when they did the yard sale I helped out.  We had so much fun and the love and joy flowed.  I was asked to come see what Unity on Sundays was like. I did and found my Spiritual Home.  I could be free to explore my beliefs and at the same time encouraged to stay open minded and to explore other areas of Spirituality.

The years have gone by so fast but I still love and totally enjoy Unity of the White Mountains.  I feel servicing our Spiritual home is the greatest honor I’ve had.  Everyone supports me and I’m accepted just the way I am, but the way I am has been transformed by all of you and the love that we share for Our Creator. Thanks for letting be your President of the Board of Trustees.


Sheryl Eaton:  I was in town recently talking with a woman who had once attended Unity so she could hear Linda West speak. She asked me if the services were always so “different.” I described the usual order of service with the minister speaking and music interspersed throughout. I told her we were open and practical and spiritual, accepting of everyone, trying to be loving and peace-promoting, practicing our beliefs in our lives. She said, “What was really different was that I noticed that no one had a Bible!” I told her that Unity is based in Christianity but that the Bible is one of many works we consult and that Jesus is one of many way-showers for us and that no one ideology defines our spirituality. All of that is what Unity is for me in my life…with music interspersed throughout.



Diane Whipple:  I have always been a spiritual person.  I love and care about people but always felt unconnected in churches.  My favorite line used to be that I felt like I was a subcontractor doing God's work but only "checking in to the office" every once in a while.  When I found Unity of the White Mountains I knew instantly that I had entered my spiritual home.  I am blessed and proud to be a Board Member because Unity and its congregation are a very important part of my life.  Its teachings have been vital to my spiritual growth and I want to be a part of it for many years to come.



Julia Edens:  Like so many of us, I discovered Unity of the White Mountains while “sampling” local churches, seeking a spiritual home.  Stepping through the doors, I knew I had found it.  Unity of the White Mountains has a magical energy and draw that I never experienced in any other church.  I soon learned that it is the people here who bring the Spirit in, creating a place of harmony and inspiration.  The philosophies of Unity align with what I feel I have always known to be true.  As with most of us, my spiritual journey has not been easy, enduring setbacks of fear, doubt and questions, but I believe that this is the true path.  My excitement for Unity of the White Mountains inspires me to seek ways to let the whole community know about it, and share this incredible experience with others.  A Course in Miracles says “The Holy Spirit’s Voice is as loud as your willingness to listen.”  I want to help create a world where we are all listening, by whatever small contribution I might make.