Board of Trustees for 2018-2019

If you are interested in serving on our Board of Trustees in the future, please email or talk to a Board of Trustees member.

New Board Members elected July 15, 2018

Doug Barningham 

I spent the first 25 years of life in Michigan. I graduated with  Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees in Community Planning and spent 6 years working at Penn State University in that field. I next moved to State College in Pennsylvania for 20 years, running a Day Care facility and creating a construction and remodeling business. About 13 years ago, I moved to Arizona and purchased a small manufacturing business, which I sold after 12 years. I credit Unity teachings for my business success.

Ten years ago, I found Unity and a spiritual home. I spent 6 years on the board, 5 years as president. I am looking forward to more spiritual growth and governing opportunities at Unity of the White Mountains.



 Sue McKenzie

Being raised on my grandfather's ranch in the mountains southeast of Bakersfield, Ca. I enjoyed a wonderful life filled with fresh air, ranch livestock, a five-acre orchard and wonderful parents. We had no electricity, radio or phone, and  outside plumbing.  We moved to town when I was 13-year-old. After Bakersfield Junior College, I married and moved to the Los Angeles area where I worked in a hospital setting for 10 years before starting my career in Human Resources (HR) with  Goodwill   Industries. While at Goodwill, I served five years on the Board of the "Personnel Association of Sonoma County" (PASCO), including one year as president.  The PASCO monthly meetings included topics in HR and staff development,   communication  skills and legal issues pertaining to the HR professional responsibilities. Before retiring from Goodwill, for two years I managed seven retail stores. Retirement found me in Florida for nine years and then in Arizona since 2010. My spiritual   path to a greater awareness of our Radiant One (God) started in 1976 and has continued through different groups/venues until on August 20, 2017 I found Unity of the White Mountains and I KNEW I was home. I feel honored to be considered for a Board   of Trustees position.  If elected will perform the duties to the best of my ability. 

Barbara Courtright

I arrived ready to serve, and did so as an usher for several months before finding my place in the music team with the John Darst Trio. For several years I was the lead vocalist and song leader as well as taking on the job of choosing music for the services. Now with the departure of the band, I am continuing to serve by taking on the position of Music Director. I work closely with Reverend Sheryl to make sure that the music and message complement each other. I am also ready to step up and take a more active role in our church by serving on the Board and assisting us in “Transforming Together”.  One of the qualities I feel I bring to whatever position I am in, is flexibility. I am not easily shaken by the winds of change, and am very devoted to whatever I take on. I am so blessed by my association with this church, and all of you.  I hope to serve here in whatever capacity Spirit calls me to for a long time to come.


Jill Grey

I was born and raised in Detroit, MI. I have lived in LA, AZ, CA, IN, MT, OR, AZ, WA and back to AZ.  It took moving to AZ three times before I realized how much I detested living in the desert.  So here I am in the White Mountains since 2011 and am happy and content. Most of my working life was spent doing office work, as receptionist, secretary, admin assistant and manager.  The last 20 years of my working career included being owner of a small deli in Montana, in restaurant management and catering (supervising 20 to 30 employees), being a professional tour guide (realized I really didn’t like having to keep 15-20 foreign tourists happy for 17 days on a bus), working at a hotel front desk and in tourism with Long Beach Washington Peninsula Visitors Bureau. During this time, I also created a festival called the Doggie Olympic Games (a.k.a. The DOG), which I ran for 3 years then moved to AZ and 4 years after I left it fell apart.  For fun I have loved community theater (mostly musicals) in Montana and Oregon, kayaked rivers in Oregon and Washington, camped in the Northwest, took voice lessons while doing theater (which led me to Unity), currently hike with T.R.A.C.K.S, enjoy water aerobics, dancing to rock and roll, movies and good food! I have three grown sons, in California, New York and Arizona, one grandson in NY, one cat and one dog, and am blessed with good friends. I was introduced to Unity during the 90’s.  While taking voice, my teacher started a small choir and we sang predominantly in Unity churches in the Portland, OR area. I felt completely at home right from the start.  I had been raised Catholic but had stopped practicing by age 20 and never looked back. 

Later, while researching Show Low before my move, I discovered Unity of the White Mountains and began attending as soon as I moved here in 2011. A few months later I was nominated for the Board and served for 4 years.  I sang in our choir Enchanted and gave my sacred service by being responsible for the kitchen for over 3 years. I left in 2015 for personal reasons and have returned in spring 2018. I had considered serving on the Board again at a future time and have decided to step in to fill for one year remaining for an existing Board term.