Testimonials From Our Members

Following are testimonials from members of Unity of the White Mountains.

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From Vina Hilton, Unity member since 2009:

The moment I came to Unity, I was and am a part of the family! No matter what, my family loves me. It's probably the first time I have been accepted for who I am. They laugh with me, cry with me, and listen. I have really grown spiritually from the teachings. The many opportunities to elevate my Soul while helping others in our community and the World is amazing! Thank you Unity. 


From Kay Smith: 

Unity of the White Mountains provides spiritual enrichment for me and my spouse, Sharon, during our 6 month summer life in Pinetop-Lakeside.  We have chosen Unity of the White Mountains as our spiritual home because of the diversity and the acceptance demonstrated by the members.  It is a joy to find a church that truly exemplifies inclusiveness and welcoming to people of the LGBT community.

From Betsy Horton, Unity member since 2012:

Five years ago my life changed drastically when my husband of nearly fifty years passed away while we were in California.  A family friend invited me to attend Unity Church of Carlsbad and I found an amazing match with my beliefs.  Then when I returned to my home in the White Mountains, I went on the internet and was happy to find a very active group for me to join.

In the past four years of attending Unity of the White Mountains, I am amazed at how well our congregation fits the needs of each of us in many ways.  Our new minister plans very inspirational lessons and the talented musicians choose their selections to go with our service.  There are some ways we can all work together for a common goal and we do so several times during the year.  I have met and become friends with our members and I look forward to helping in a variety of ways in the future to help our congregation continue to expand.

From Kelly Hight, new member:  To My Dear Unity of the White Mountains: It's an honor to send you this testimonial.  I've thought many times how I'd like to thank you for faithfully putting the sign out on White Mt. Blvd.  When I returned to Lakeside after living in The Valley for a number of years, I was sad to leave my Unity of Sun Lakes home where I served on the board. I searched the internet to find out if there's a Unity up here, but didn't think to type in White Mountains. 

Last Summer, I was on my way to church with my Mom when I saw the sign! I was elated! And you guys received me with open arms! I've joyfully become a member.  The Unity message of 'All paths lead to a Loving Source' is perfect for me. It's what I jokingly call 'The UnChurch' when people ask me about it. To me the dogma and politics of traditional church environments got old. I've found a place where I can just be me and you accept me. I'm already growing in my new home, and Thank You All! If anyone's curious about us, come check us out. I'm sure you'll stay! It's fun....
Most Lovingly,  Kelly Hight

From Rick & Diane Whipple, Unity members since 2012:

We have always thought of ourselves as spiritual but found no religion that answered all of our questions.  We found Unity of the White Mountains by chance, driving by as we explored the area to which we had just moved.  We went to a service the following Sunday and immediately felt welcomed and at home.  We loved the music and the message moved us to tears.  We knew we had found our spiritual home.  We haven't missed a Sunday since (when we are staying at our summer home in Lakeside).  We also have had more hugs in the last 4 years than our previous 60 years!  We learned that opening our hearts to others starts with opening our arms. 

From Linda Pearse, Unity member since 1991:

I began attending Unity of the White Mountains twenty-five years ago when I moved to the area. Finding a metaphysical or "New Thought" church was something I had hoped for. I took classes that were offered and soon felt a real connection with Unity and the people I met there.

I found Unity to be a place where one is able to explore spiritual concepts. I am able to accept the beliefs that resonate with me, rather than following someone else's Truth.

Because Unity is open to everyone, I find that I have met many wonderful people who might not have crossed my path otherwise. As a result I see the God Light in all people and am less judgmental. When I am ready to accept more from this amazing Universe, Unity is there to guide me in my quest.

From Cathy Dunigan, long-time Unity member (who is now enjoying the good life on the beach in Rocky Point, Mexico!)

I want to acknowledge everyone at Unity of the White Mountains for the work you are doing and how much it means to me to be in contact, even out of area.