Membership Renewal Form

Each year we ask our active members to renew their membership and commitment to Unity of the White Mountains.  Membership renewal allows us to establish a database and keep contact information current.  It also produces a list of members, in compliance with requirements for non-profit corporations that have members.  Active members are those who can vote on candidates and issues brought before the membership.  Active members may apply to be nominated to become members of the Board of Trustees.  If you are unsure whether or not you are an active member, ask Vina Hilton, Board President or Rev Sheryl Padgett.

The membership renewal period is April 1 through the Sunday before the next annual meeting.  If you want to renew your active membership, please fill out the form below completely.  Thank you!

Please note:  Unity of the White Mountains, Bylaws Section 3.03, Membership Status:
“To retain active membership rights, each member must indicate a desire to remain a member by completing and returning to the church a yearly membership renewal document as approved by the Board of Trustees.  If no current membership renewal document is on file prior to the annual membership meeting, that person becomes inactive and cannot serve on the Board of Trustees or vote at any membership meeting.”

Part of being an active member of Unity of the White Mountains is receiving a 5 minute phone call once per month from a prayer chaplain who will pray with you. If you would like to opt out please initial above.
By initialing above, I am renewing my active membership at Unity of the White Mountains. I understand my renewal will become effective when it has been received and recorded at the church office and will remain in effect until the Sunday before the next year's Annual Meeting. This form must be received by the church office no later than the Sunday preceding this year's Annual Meeting.